The leadership team plays a big role in determining the growth trajectory of its organisation. A good leader can lead the organisation to new heights of progress. A good leader influences his team’s levels of productivity and allegiance. In fact, if a company’s leaders perform well, that company is likely to succeed in meeting its goals and boosting its bottom line. However, getting the right leaders can be challenging. Here are some effective tips to getting the right leaders for your organisation.

Hire a recruitment agency

It can be challenging for HR managers to find out what a potential employee can bring forth beyond his or her education and work experience. A tech-based recruitment agency can help you get a holistic view of the candidate’s skills and potential through usage of analytics and other tech enabled resources. Additionally, recruitment agency teams are more adept at determining right hires as they draw from their experience of recruiting for similar positions. As a result, you save time and money and can focus on more important matters of your company.

Publicize the admirable things about your organisation

Expose, broadcast, put it on display. Get the word out about the fantastic culture about your company. Or talented employees. Or the office fun and how your company is a great place to be in. Or your tech prowess. Or your achievements and rewards and new hires! Show that you care about your employees and leaders, and naturally other great leaders will follow suit. Publicizing your employer brand on a constant basis goes a long way in attracting reputable leaders to your organisation. Use social media, blogs, vlogs, videos, and photos to display how a typical working day looks like in your company. Show the leaders what you have for them. Engage with them on social. Make meaningful conversations.

Let your employees have a say

As trivial as it may sound, it’s rather important. Your employees have been there for some time or long time now. They should be allowed to decide what kind of leader would work for them. I am not saying they should decide the leader, I am saying their inputs should be considered. It will only help you and your organisation to have the right leaders on board. After all, hiring leaders isn’t solely about luring them into your company. Their values and working style should match with your company’s values and culture. Only then will your company prosper without comprising on your fundamental organisational ethos. Integrity is the key here. It shouldn’t be the case where a new leader becomes the reason for many of your valued employees leaving the company. A good leader is never a boss. He is a team player who respects his teams. He motivates them to contribute to company’s growth and in the process takes care of their personal goals and growth.

Last but not least, look for key personality traits that make up a positive, well-intentioned leader.