When your organisation is growing at a fast pace, recruiting more people is your key priority. But it can be challenging especially if you are managing a start-up business or a niche organisation. Getting the right talent can be a turning point in your business’s journey. We’ve put 3 key tips down for you, they’ll help you ramp up your recruitment process to support and sustain your business growth.

1. Enhance your digital presence:

Social media is unarguably becoming the go-to platform for mass candidates. So it is important to identify the social platforms your potential employees frequent. It can be LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook or even Snapchat or any other social channel. Find them out and accordingly keep updating your company’s social pages with relevant posts, videos and pictures of your company’s achievements, job postings, fun-at-work-kind-of-stuff, positive employee reviews and vlogs. Basically, get the word out about what people are missing if they are not a part of your organisation. Make it engaging, bring out the human side of your organisation and TALK to your potential candidates. You can even make use of talent analysis dashboards. They can provide important insights into your potential talents’ whereabouts, their likes and dislikes, profiling and so on.

2. Take help from ROD (Recruiter on Demand)

Yes, they quicken the process of finding the right fit for a job. On-demand recruiting provides highly specialised and precision-targeted recruiting support to hiring teams. Wanted Analytics says the number of online job listings for recruiters rose by over 4% in August 2019 from the same 1 month period a year before. Today if you have a look at the HR segment, the on-demand recruiting positions are now second only to jobs for HR managers.

Job board Indeed.com, said it had over 58,000 human resources jobs online in August 2019. Indeed.com launched a report in which it clearly shows a constant reduction in the number of HR jobs. This is in contrast to a histrionic rise in on-demand recruiter jobs since the start of 2019.

Over 190K user clicks were recorded with regards to the specific title of “HR Assistant” in the month of August. “HR Generalist” position got more than 149K clicks, “HR Manager” around 130K clicks and “Recruiter” clicks stood at around 120K clicks.

Your firm is bouncing back from a difficult period or gaining its balance after a lay off. In these times, it may not be feasible to have a full-fledged HR team at your disposal but you need to hire a lot of people. You don’t need to spend money on a bunch of contract recruiters. An ROD will get the job done.

3. Create amazing experiences for your candidates

Growth stories. They are powerful and engaging stories to boast about. Make them a part of your recruitment marketing; it will amplify your hiring efforts. The trick is to create the right buzz at the right time and do it in an interesting manner.