Employee orientation plays a crucial role in terms of letting your new employees gain insight into what your company ethos and culture is. As per a survey, over 51% of employees who went through an effective orientation said that they were motivated to contribute and perform in the first week itself. Yet, most organisations commit the blunder of not paying too attention on the orientation process. Many even deem it unnecessary. If it has dawned upon you how valuable an employee orientation is, here are 4 tips to make employee orientation an effective process so that the newcomers start contributing immediately:

1. Do you have a proper orientation process in place?

Many businesses still don’t have employee orientation programmes. Orienting new employees is important to make them aware about their role, company, how it functions, the rules, the perks, the rewards, organisation’s achievements, its future plans, and growth opportunities for employees. This instills in them a positive feeling that I am a part of something meaningful and big. They feel the need to go all in on the first day itself. This willingness to contribute to the company’s growth from the get-go goes a long way in adding to the overall productivity of the company. Employee orientation is a great opportunity for your organisation to make the new employees feel welcomed and proud be a part of your family.

2. Who is conducting the orientation programme?

This is an important aspect of an employee orientation programme. The lead person who is going conduct the orientation needs to be someone who speaks with passion, has decent public speaking skills and is enthusiastic. The person shouldn’t come across as someone who just blabbered or doesn’t love his company. After all, that person is representing your company to the new employees. So make sure the face of your organisation makes a great first impression on your future leaders and managers.

3. Make use of technology to make it fun

Why not? We’re all aware how technology can make things fun. Use latest tools, interesting content, and other tech hacks to making the entire orientation programme more enjoyable and engaging. Many organisations also let their employees access the employee training and orientation programmes online. This not only expedites the process but also provides a channel for employees to revisit the programme whenever they like.

4. Make them feel at ease

No one likes a session filled with monosyllabic speeches. Make room for open-ended, two-way conversations. I would also like to say that even the person conducting the orientation should feel at ease. So make sure to organise the orientation in a place where it is not uncomfortably small or restricted. Pay heed to lighting and ventilation of the area or room, wherever the orientation is going to happen. You don’t want the new employee to feel haunted in a dim corner of your workplace. Last but not least, allow the new employees to ask questions.