The demand for recruiters is growing as the role becomes consultative. It has grown by over 60% over the last five years as per a recent LinkedIn report. Recruiters are seen as advisors in many organisations. This particular shift to an advisory function for recruiters has been receiving support from top management, as well. Over 69% of CEOs agree that recruiters both in-house and external ones play a significant role in assisting the company with talent-related strategies such as nurturing leaders, boosting employee performance and other pre-hire selection process.

Recruiters on Demand are becoming popular especially in those business circuits where there’s a pressure to hire top talent in crunch time. RODs are also saving the day for businesses in a real budget crunch by offering services on a project-to-project basis. Recruiter on Demand (ROD) is a good option if your organisation wants to partner with a group of recruiters who provide additional support to your existing recruitment or Human Resource department. It’s a great alternative to get that much needed extra help during a period of hiring surge without having to make changes to your current hiring department and recruitment system.

Let’s browse through a slew of benefits RODs have to offer:

  • Get instant access to expert recruiters to attain your hiring and business targets
  • Connect with the cream of the crop or top talent through the wide network of experienced recruiters
  • Get instant help as and when you need
  • RODs support you when your organisation wants to scale up or scale down its Talent Acquisition process
  • RODs help you meet your fluctuating demands
  • They work in tandem with your current processes while utilising your existing technology platforms. Thus, you face no disruption or the need to employ and execute new infrastructure and technology
  • RODs help you in providing full-cycle recruitment services
  • They help to improve and optimise your job descriptions thus attracting relevant talent
  • They know the best job boards available for your job postings
  • They work in union with your in-house team to set up an effective referral programme
  • They are adept at sourcing passive yet talented job seekers
  • They are skilled at negotiating salaries and scheduling interviews with appropriate candidates
  • They can look after background checks
  • Recruiter on Demand offers you the choice of “pay-as-you-go” solutions. You can choose from various flexi pricing models as per your requirement. For example, you can opt for a simple hourly cost or a flat monthly cost.

Remember, RODs supplement, but don’t take over from your current HR team. You can withdraw their support whenever required. Another important benefit of partnering with an ROD is that they won’t pester you with long-term commitments or any kind of hidden charges. A good ROD will work for you as a strategic extension of your organisation. They will effectively communicate your unique value proposition to potential candidates detailing the specific preferences in the job description to find you the best talent.