Describe your journey with TeamLease Services

Years back, same time in February I took my first step with TeamLease, the mercury level of my excitement was sky-high and the level of fear factor at the highest point. I experienced a silent welcome but then I realised that I was part of something huge and extraordinary and nothing here would be plain and simple. With baby steps I have completed close to 9 years in this organisation, growing 2 fold – both personally and professionally I have experienced some great leaders, learnings and built synergies. Made charismatic friends, had a fall but learnt to stand back always.

Our Corporate Mantra is to “Learn, Unlearn and Relearn”. You are needed to be more agile and open to Challenges while you may fail, fail wisely. Innovate and be Disciplined to be able to create a powerful impact.

What is the most important piece of advice you would like to give our women colleagues who would like to grow in this sector?

A career takes the highway when motivation is in the driver’s seat. Your perseverance, anxiety and positive approach will lead you through the journey. Human Resources once claimed to be a soft place for women is the most aggressive and fast paced fields in the country today, and you need to prepared and equipped all the time to be able to make your mark. It will allow you to innovate and think big but your fundamentals are needed to be strong and clear, you will see the work life balance when you scope out the balance between your plans and performance.

Are there any assumptions about women that you would like to change, why ?

Motivational factors are remarkably different for both genders in the workplace: men have a higher preference for instrumental value, while the women choose softer factors of consistent support, job encouragement, flexible timing, a sense of importance and faith. Historically we are blamed for changing our moods as fast as 0.0003 seconds but when it comes to assumptions we are strong headed, It’s time to stop giving yourself importance, equality starts with you and if you differentiate the line is drawn. Why do you need a special approval, care or words, treat yourself as your male co-worker and that’s when you will see your space. The ideology is not to prove feminism by declaring the other gender incorrect. You make your own glass-ceiling.

Can you name someone who has inspired you? Any other leader you often look up to?

Unlike other kids I never hooked up with chips and chocolates but always chose the hard way to drive things differently, I was the first one to learn bike in my teens and ride it amongst all my neighbourhood male friends and this I learnt from my father. At the Age of 78 he still delivers results every day, works for nearly 10 hours; plans, produces and drives his customers directly. He taught me the trades of business and how your work is your own business, he mentions you never own it but you are the creditor. I take pride in getting all that I need from my parents and thank all the parents who have enabled their little girls to fly. Whatever your parents have led you to, it is you who makes the choice, it is you who cherry pick. I picked it all and still doing it.

What are some of the trade-offs you face as a working woman? How do you deal with them?

In the last few years, the driving factor in my career has been the passion for my work and a very positive work culture that one builds, it’s your territory and hence you need to discipline it, sow it and let your teams and future leaders reap the benefits. Life surely hasn’t been easy and will not be for any woman, your journey is long and wide that holds many encounters, at every step you will compromise and will have to move but I have learnt to trade my every compromise with my aspiration: either at home or outside. Your strength lies in rising not retaliating and focus more on your self –scale rather than attempting to change.

What is the most important message you want to send out to young women who have just started their career? 

The most important thing is to do what one loves, in order to achieve progress and success. As long as you are pursuing work that lights you up, everything else will follow. Be confident while walking into a room full of men, grab every opportunity within your reach and always keep learning no matter where you stand. Show optimism and don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Try to be honest about your own strengths and weaknesses and encourage others to do the same. That extra mile will always get you that add-on for yourself.