Job boards like TimesJobs, Simply Hired and Indeed have made the job of applying for a job efficient and easy. They have quick services which help you to apply in one click and enter your personal details just once. However, how many times have you really got any response from these applications? Rarely, right? That’s the reason we have put together this quick guide to make your job application process online a successful one.

1. Go through the organisation’s website before hitting the submit button

Knowing the company you are interviewing for, its history and credentials, is vital. It helps you answer the recruiter’s questions in a way that is aligned with the company’s vision. Recruiters prefer candidates who appreciate, understand and are interested in their organisation’s values. You can even include your shared passion in carrying the company’s vision forward in your resume. This will help your application to stand out in the thousands of applications.

2. Is your LinkedIn profile updated?

You don’t want your resume and LinkedIn profile to show different work history of yours. It doesn’t look good on you. Many companies skim through candidates’ LinkedIn profiles as it gives insights into a candidates’ network, recommendations, achievements and so on. So, including a link to your LinkedIn profile along with your resume is recommended.

3. Have an online portfolio

This is especially for job seekers in the field of art, advertising and films. Online portfolio hubs like Behance are platforms to showcase your work in a neat and professional manner. You don’t need to then fill your application with lots of attachments. It also makes it easier for the recruiters to efficiently go through your portfolio without having to pull their hair over downloading and reading heavy pdfs. You can even message or WhatsApp your portfolio link to recruiters on the fly whenever required who can easily skim through it on their mobiles or laptops.

4. Don’t be lazy

It might seem tempting to use shorthand and be done with your application in minutes. However, this reflects badly on you. Would you want to hire a person who types in slangs and short forms in their resumes? Absolutely no. It shows that candidate is lazy and lacks attention to detail. You don’t want to convey any of these shortcomings (even if they are not a part of you) to your recruiters. Take care of grammar and language (keep it formal) in your application. Use polite words, capital letters and right punctuations wherever required. Take time to assess your application and try to make it more interesting. Make sure you add points about yourself that express your willingness to contribute towards company’s goals.

Many people tend to link writing online with informality. But it’s not the case. It’s always a safe bet to be professional through and through. He or she is not your friend. They are your potential recruiters or managers. Show them respect and increase your chances of getting your dream job.