Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) refers to the process wherein an organisation entrusts some or all of its recruitment duties to another company that specializes in recruiting and retaining relevant talent. One of the major reasons to consider it is that it can save your business a lot of money and offer brilliant results. But how do you find an RPO firm that will give you customised solutions as per your business needs and hiring objectives? We have put together some key tips that’ll help you find one.

Assess their history

Would you choose a financial planner with a dubious personal investment portfolio and customer relationship history? No right. Similar should be your approach when selecting an RPO firm. Evaluate their track record. Stay away from those which don’t have a talented and long-serving staff in their teams.

Ask the right questions

These 3 questions will help you narrow down your list of potential RPOs:

  • Ask them about their yearly loss rate of recruits? It must not be more than 19-20%
  • Are they equipped to recruit, train and manage their recruits?
  • Are their recruits happy working for their current employers?

Their answers to each of these questions must provide important insights into the credibility of the RPO firm and whether it matches your business needs.

Pro Tip – Before selecting an RPO associate, make a note of your company’s needs and rank them on priority basis. This will help you choose an RPO partner that will resolve those ‘specific’ pain points.

Do they value your values?

Apart from skills and tech know-how, your RPO must fulfil one more important requirement – They need to follow the recruitment policies and values of your company.

A talent acquisition leader at GE once said, “Both in-house HR and RPOs should be able to manage managers, look after candidates’ well-being in the work place, take care of diversity programmes and nurture the fundamental value system of the work place.”

All of this must flow into a much-required skill of being able to provide customised recruitment solutions.

Now that you’re clear on how to select the right RPO for your business needs, a question may arise – But why choose an RPO firm?

Well, because…

RPO brings down costs

Clearly, one of the biggest benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing is its ability to reduce costs. RPO can help your business to save significant money over the long haul. RPOs can help your business to scale up or scale down its hiring activity to bring it in line with the changing hiring requirements of a client. It reduces the number of Human Resources spent on sourcing talent.

It finds you the best of the best

It can be challenging for HR managers to find out what a potential employee can bring forth beyond his or her education and work experience. A tech-based RPO provider can help you get a holistic view of the candidate’s skills and potential through usage of analytics and other tech enabled resources.