Workforce Management in Covid-19 Times

Rethinking Leadership in the Digital Age
With unpresedented and challenging times comes a great opportunity for businesses and professionals to reflect, rethink, restrategise and renew ourselves to not only adpat to the post covid era, but also develop strong contingency plans for the future.

We have put together a framework that organizations could use to not only manage their workforce, but also build their brand in the process:
The Work:
1. Reevaluate your business needs in terms of people, assets, travel, technology, solutions and create a business continuity plan.
2. Create a new workflow to improve business efficiency.
3. Identify critical roles and resources and prepare a back up plan.
4. While you focus on the short-mid term strategy, do not compromise the longer-term sustainability of the business.
5. Focus on your core business value proposition and look at innovations that could create a multifold impact when the market opens up.
The Worforce:
1. Create a support system for the mental and emotional well being of your employees.
2. Provide flexibility in work timings and be compassionate to your people; remember they are not only working from home, but also working for home.
3. Get the top management to speak to your employees to show they care; not only will it build your employee moral, but will also instill greater loyalty.
4. Create a training plan to up skill your workforce.
5. Create an employee engagement plan for each team/group; virtual sessions will cost you next to nothing, but keeps your employees going.
6. Work out a technology support system to enable all employees with the necessary devices and connection speed that is needed for your business.
7. Finally, if you are hiring, give preference to those who are out of job; it’s about time we stopped giving the last preference to unemployed candidates. There are some hidden gems out there, if you care to look.
The Workplace:
1. Reimagine your workplace – size, seats, roles that need to be in office and move as many roles as you deem fit to a work from home model.
2. Create a plan to bring some of your workfoce back in office in a staggered manner.
3. Prepare your workplace to ensure it is safe and hygenic.
4. Prepare a plan for visitors in office.
5. Devise a new communications strategy, for the definition of workplace will fundamentally change forever.
Industry Bytes
Amitrajit Ghosh
Site HR Head
Dow Chemical
“New normal is all about ‘Uncertainty’ and organizations and it’s employees need to wake up to this reality. While we were just coping with the global economy slowdown, COVID struck us. Disruptions as these will become a way of life.
In this situation only those who are adaptable, resilient and continually upgrading themselves are the ones who will survive and thrive. In times of uncertainty, leadership is key. Leaders will now need to communicate and engage more frequently and meaningfully with their teams.
For business continuity when all employees are left with no choice but to work from home, we at Dow have sent notes to employees especially thanking their families for supporting in making these adjustments. We have also organized virtual talent shows where families of employees too participated, wholeheartedly.
We have also respected offers we made to candidates and have on-boarded them virtually on assigned dates.”
Gaurav Johri
Head HR
Metso Valves India
“The workforce scenario will change dramatically post Covid. Not only Organizations, but employees too will be more aware of the environment and health.
Organizations will have a tough task on how to respond – myopic vs farsightedness, how they will recover from it, and lastly, how well they adapt the new normal, where wellbeing will be a part of the company’s main growth strategy in the future.
HR will have a high focus on redefining employee engagement, which could be a real differentiator. They need to devise a new strategy for better collaboration and employee interaction. Evolving remote work and productivity management for individuals and teams will be the central theme, as many organizations will prefer to implement a work from home model.”
Management Speak
How ready are you to take risks and fail?
Munira Loliwala
Business Head – Engineering, Manufacturing, Process & Infrastructure TeamLease
Covid19 has brought workforce management into the core focus for the HR fraternity and has kept them on their toes to create new ways of sustainability for the organization and their people, wherein organisation structuring, digital adaption, capital frugality, compensation structure and sectors of growth will be key to the future.

While we continue to combat the present & future, it is important to remain competitive, positive and frugal, as the World and all of us go back to what was before COVID there are few things we can stay continued with:

• Business Continuity Plan B
• More Involved with people and teams
• Fix the plumbing
• Plot for Learning
• Write more for More Clarity
• Lastly, try and Switch off once, I mean Literally switch off

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