This video about Money, GDP, Finance, Regulatory Cholesterol among others is worth all your time! In Simple words, brilliant analogies, intelligent punch lines, Manish drives home many pertinent points.

This is Enriching, Educational, Informational, Inspiring & quite motivating!

BRILLIANT Analogies:

  1. He began with this analogy of Palm reading & Astrology to GDP modeling, while many could be just jumping guns in making predictions.
  2. He talks about V, U & Bath-tub curves while discussing recovery graphs.
  3. When it was time to talk about job cuts, pay cuts he talked about Rivers and Ponds. While the companies have been rivers of sorts, they are cut to mere ponds due to the current situation.
  4. Talking about entrepreneurs creating companies, he talks about Baby & a Dwarf. Baby grows while the dwarfs remain the same. 
  5. If you want Guarantee – go by a toaster, the only guarantees in life come with appliances, they don’t come with careers, they don’t come with jobs, they don’t come with anything else.


  1. Education is not filling of bucket but lighting of fire – Irish Poet William Butler
  2. Good places to be at & better places to be from! – Talking about IITs, IIMs and the IVYs
  3. Govt to do less so it can do more. More in education, healthcare!
  4. India doesn’t change for better options, it changes when you have no options.
  5. Good judgement comes by experience, experience comes from bad judgement.
  6. Resilience is important, being consistently warm is better than hot or cold. Customer pays the salary, not shareholders.

Snippets & Numbers:

  1. Educational reforms, only 7 universities of 966 universities are officially allowed to do online learning. Overseas universities 100,000 students in the last 40 days, this is aparthied which discriminates against Indian universities.
  2. Regulatory Cholesterol: We have 57000+ compliances, 3100+ filings, and these change 8 times a day!
  3. Fiscal Stimulus is about to come. Reforms are also important during these times.
  4. Rank Indian manufacturing companies by size 90th and 10th percentile there is a 22% difference. If you are not productive you can’t pay a wage premium and if you don’t pay a wage premium you can’t be productive stuck at low level equilibrium.
  5. Lot of enterprise in India are not Self employment but Self exploitation. Many MSMEs/Entrepreneurs dont price themselves, that may be viable but not productivity.
  6. Digital learning 2030 to 2020, in one month. Digi payments in Jan-2020 crossed billion a month on UPI and billion a day b/f by 5 years – 2025 to 2020.
  7. We are suffering more because we made mistakes in 1947. India took 2 huge risks – Political and Economic.
    1. Political risk paid off spectacularly, vote for everybody created the world’s largest democracy.
    2. We did not create the world’s largest economy.
  8. Come back to 5 things for India: 
    1. Urbanize
    2. financialize
    3. Industrialize
    4. Formalize
    5. Scale

If we do these 5 we’ll be fine. We are making progress!

  1. We are underinvested, particularly in govt schools – 55% indians go to private schools, 8% Japanese go to private schools, 15% US go to private schools. We have to fix our schools. 
  2. Wrong Filter to think about, should I join  MNC or Indian, Big or Small, Manufacturing or Service company the only filter you should have is that of a growth company!

One important takeaway is understanding the power of compounding – Relationship, Knowledge & Money!