This service gives you the luxury of our expertise, at all times. Whether it is a sudden or long range requirement, our specialized ROD service provides targeted recruitment support to your hiring team—especially to keep you on track with your scaling demands. 

Our ROD model offers highly skilled, multifaceted recruiters that you can onboard, instantly. The team will be at your complete service– you can control, supervise and delegate work.

Their various roles can include:

  • Researcher 
  • Resume Sourcing 
  • Process coordinator 
  • Assessment coordinator 
  • Search analyst
  • Resume Formatting agent 
  • Project Manager (Recruitment) 
  • 360° Recruiter (Sourcing – On-boarding)

The service is cost efficient, agile, flexible and accommodates for immediate recruitment needs.

The benefits and features of this model include:

  1. Short Term Deputation
    • ROD for Start-ups 
    • Quick Replacement 
  2. Volume Hiring/ Project Deputation
    • Leave Replacement
    • Project Deputation 
  3. Internal Resume Bucketing
    • Niche & Senior hiring 
    • Post offer follow-up 
  4. Process Coordinator
    • Researcher 
    • Sourcer
  5. Assessment Coordinator
    • Search Analyst
    • Resume Formatting
    • Recruitment Project Manager
    • 360° Recruiter

We are confident that this model is highly scalable and the best option for large volume hiring needs.

Minimum engagement: 6 months